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gips 1.2.2


  • logLik.gips() will return an object of class logLik;
  • Better Vignettes titles.

gips 1.2.1

CRAN release: 2023-08-12


  • One test on alternative BLAS/LAPACK has an alternative check for a singular matrix. Found by CRAN’s ATLAS test.

gips 1.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-07

Update to functions


  • Sometimes, post_probabilities underflows to 0. This is appropriately validated now;
  • NaNs should not occur in find_MAP() for D_matrix <- diag(ncol(S)) * d when 1000 < d < 1e300;
  • When NaNs do occur in find_MAP(), they will throw an error (used to show a warning);
  • Inf better handled in print.gips();
  • print.*() functions will print \n in the end;
  • Slightly different punctuation in print.gips();
  • Tremendous vignettes and documentation improvements;
  • Proper testing of examples;
  • delta parameter of gips() has to be bigger than 1. We used to restrict it to bigger than 2;
  • project_matrix() shows a warning when the non-positive-semi-definite matrix is passed as an S argument;
  • project_matrix() preserves colnames() and rownames() of a matrix;
  • D_matrix is checked for containing any NaN or Inf values;
  • Absurdly long structure constants vectors may overflow an integer. Now we use double;
  • compare_log_posteriories_of_perms() and compare_posteriories_of_perms() show an error when given two incomparable gips objects (with different parameters).

gips 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2022-10-13

  • This is the first release of gips.